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Air Force Museum Attractions

The artifacts and aircraft exhibits are the heart and soul of the National Museum of the US Air Force, but the museum offers so many other exciting attractions.

The Air Force Museum Theatre

theatre-lobbyThe Museum lobby is where you will find our Giant Screen Digital Theatre,formerly known as  the IMAX Theatre.  Our renovated theatre features an 80 foot wide screen-the largest in Southwest Ohio filled with clear bright images in either 2D or 3D from our 4K Barco projectors. Make sure to check our schedule so you can plan on picking up your tickets as soon as you arrive.


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Air Force Museum Simulators

Inside of the museum you will find our Morphis Movie Simulator Ride, a computer controlled simulator for the entire family. Capable of accommodating 12 passengers in contoured seats the capsule rotates and gyrates on hydraulic lifts, giving the passengers the sensation of actually flying along.



Are you a little more daring? Fly our 360° Interactive Simulator. Climb aboard and take control in air to air combat as either a pilot or gunner. Nine different aircraft to choose from plus you can fly solo too.


Air Force Museum Dog Tags 

DogTags 240wRemember to get your personalized dog tags, available at the theatre or simulator ticket booths. Place your order, tour while they are being made especially for you and pick them up before you leave.