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the air force Museum Theatre

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The 400-seat Air Force Museum Theatre isn't just a sight to behold--our surround sound system will amaze you too! The Museum Theatre's state-of-the-art D3D Cinema experience allows us to show a wide range of 3D films on a massive 80 foot by 60 foot screen - one of the largest in all of southwest Ohio! Amenities include new carpet and seating, a stage for presentations, and personalized closed captioning for the hearing impaired.

The D3D Cinema experience allows the museum to showcase a wide range of documentaries that are not available in traditional film format, which provides a very dynamic way to explore aviation history, as well as the history of the Air Force.  The theatre also hosts special events such as the Living History Film Series, where history comes alive.

Be sure to check our Schedule/Showtimes and Hollywood Series pages for the latest film showings and event schedules.



Current Schedule

Aircraft Carriers 3D 11:00 am
Fighter Pilot 3D 11:40 am
Journey to Space 3D 12:20 pm
Aircraft Carriers 3D 1:00 pm
Fighter Pilot 3D 1:40 pm
Journey to Space 3D 2:20 pm
Aircraft Carriers 3D 3:00 pm
Fighter Pilot 3D 3:40 pm
Journey to Space 3D*
(Sat & Sun ONLY)
4:20 pm
Aircraft Carriers 3D*
(Sat & Sun ONLY)
5:00 pm 
*Subject to change for special events
**On the 4th Sunday of every month there will be a Hollywood Film to replace our normal 4 through 5pm films